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The saddest things in the world:

-people forgotten on their birthdays
-old people eating alone
-animals left behind by their humans

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“Okay, this is the last time I’m buying books until I read some of the ones I own”

What I say every other day.  (via booktown)

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The way you treat a book that someone lends you says a lot about you

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“The biggest mistake a girl can make is thinking that the guy who broke her heart once won’t do it again.”

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“Walking the stacks in a library, dragging your fingers across the spines — it’s hard not to feel the presence of sleeping spirits.”

Robin SloanMr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (via yahighway)

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i wanna be a reverse tooth fairy where i rob people and then scatter human teeth on their bed

a dentist

i dont know what your dentist is doing to you but i think you need to go to the police

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